One of the lesser-known facts about Indesign, LLC is that within our team, we have many wonderful cooks. They won’t ever say so, but when given the mission to team up and create the year’s best lunch for Thanksgiving, our employees understand the mission and have never missed the target. It seems the Indesign drive for excellence spans beyond the borders of engineering.

Indesign Thanksgiving Lunch

A Thanksgiving Tradition

Each year the Indesign Thanksgiving lunch is held in mid-November, strategically allowing several days for ample recovery and digestion before family gatherings. Imagine a table that spans the full length of a conference room. It’s actually 4 tables stacked end to end to make one grand table, and from one end to the other are all of the flavors and scents of Thanksgiving.

Pans of steaming turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and gravy are first, followed by an array of hot sides. No matter which side is the winner in your Thanksgiving side dish bracket, it’s sure to be found in this buffet. Salads and desserts are in their own rooms, and when some opt to start with desserts and work their way backward, there is no judgment. If you saw the dessert table, you’d understand.

Time to Give Back

It’s a wonderful lunch and one that has become a favorite to many, but this day is also special because it kicks off our holiday community outreach. As we’ve done for many years, Indesign will collect and donate new toys for the Lawrence Fire Department’s Family Assistance Program and also sponsor children at the local elementary school.

Both programs do a wonderful job of serving our community and we are happy to support them. On the day of our special lunch, a large box decked in holiday wrapping was set out to collect the toys, and paper ornaments with instructions filled three wreaths for Indesign elves to grab and then begin their shopping.

Winter Decorations at Indesign

The Season of Gratitude

Though our Thanksgiving lunch and outreach kick-off does require a good bit of planning, what couldn’t be planned was softly falling snow outside of the windows during the lunch, warm conversations, and an impromptu lunch the following day over leftovers. In this season of gratitude, we hope the very same for you and yours. May your homes be full of unexpected joys, delicious meals, and maybe just a few decorative flakes of snow.

A Team to be Thankful For

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