Battery-powered and portable devices have become commonplace in today’s world. For communication, navigation, entertainment, or just finding your way in the dark, we seem to rely on them on a daily basis. Indesign’s electrical engineers have experience designing many battery-powered devices, including asset tracking devices, hand-held test equipment, portable GPS devices, and much more.

Indesign’s electrical team appreciates the challenges involved in designing a successful battery-powered device. We value the importance of designing for low power consumption in order to maximize battery life. Our team has years of experience on countless projects creating power budgets and selecting low-power components to create the most efficient design.

Battery selection is also a key component of the design process. We have experience with both primary, disposable batteries such as alkaline and lithium, as well as secondary, rechargeable batteries such as lead-acid, NiMH, or lithium-ion.

We have designed our own battery monitoring and charging circuitry as well as used battery fuel gauge ICs for a wide variety of battery chemistries. By monitoring, properly discharging, and appropriately charging a battery, our engineers are able to ensure your product correctly handles low-battery conditions, maximizes battery life between charges, and maximizes the total life of the battery itself. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

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