Indesign, LLC engineers take a system-level approach to addressing ESD and EMI concerns during the design of products. Our mechanical engineers frequently fill a critical role in solving these problems. Our team has experience with gaskets, coatings, metal shields and many other materials, technologies and mechanical components to mitigate issues with ESD and EMI.

Our mechanical engineers work closely with our electrical and firmware engineers to come up with the optimal solution for your product. Sometimes the best solution is an electronic solution. Other times it is a mechanical solution. But most often it is a combination of mechanical and electrical techniques that offer the best performing, lowest cost solution for you product.

We have experience with products in many different industries that must comply with a wide variety of standards and requirements. Whatever the case may be, whether your device is a high-volume, low-cost product or a low-volume, high-end product our engineers have extensive experience working through the various ESD and EMI solutions similar to those needed for your application and can come up with a solution just right for your product. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

Examples of EMC solutions include:

  • Conductive paints and coatings
  • Custom metal shields and base pans
  • Conductive gaskets
  • ESD resistant enclosures
  • Shielded enclosures
  • EMC compliant cabling

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