Indesign, LLC engineers have extensive experience with 3D mechanical part design, modeling, and assembly creation. Our mechanical designers are very familiar with the complicated CAD geometry and surfaces that are required for many types of products. Indesign’s CAD engineers excel in developing robust and manufacturable parts in various materials to meet a wide range of product requirements. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

Our design engineers utilize the latest 3D CAD software systems to create their mechanical designs. 3D outputs can be easily generated from the design process to allow our clients and their manufacturer to get a good view of the mechanical design prior to the construction of any prototype models and production tooling.

Our mechanical designers will create all of the manufacturing drawings and documentation to accompany the 3D CAD model. These drawings will include the detailed part drawings and the assembly drawings that will be required for the factory. Indesign will also provide you with a well structured and easily modifiable CAD database for any future enhancements to the mechanical design.

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