RF & Wireless Design

Many of our clients wish to incorporate a wireless feature in their product. For example, a bulldozer may be required to report its GPS-derived location to its owner, an MP3 player may need to stream high quality audio to a nearby speaker, a miniature battery-powered device may need to send small amounts of data to an access point, mobile hospital equipment may need to tie into an 802.11, Wi-Fi, or ZigBee™ network, or a remote device may need to sense and stream high speed data to a base location over a proprietary link. Indesign, LLC offers an RF circuit design team with passion and experience in these and other wireless areas. We can take your rough concepts to a final product, we can engage with your team on the wireless portions of a project, or consult on a particular aspect of the RF circuit or antenna.

Indesign has worked with all major semiconductor suppliers to be knowledgeable on the latest trends and be able to integrate the latest RF technologies.

Let us help you determine what technologies are best suited for your products. We can apply our knowledge of leading edge technologies to your projects to help you achieve a design ideally suited for your market.

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RF & Wireless Design

Our RF and wireless design services and capabilities include:

RF and Wireless Design Expertise

  • Custom Radio Protocols at 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz
  • Thorough Knowledge of FCC Part 15 Rules
  • Radio Path Loss and Link Budget Studies
  • Diversity Antennas, Frequency Diversity
  • Custom and Proprietary Links up to 3 GHz
  • Antenna Design from 60 kHz to 2.4 GHz
  • 315 MHz, 433 MHz

RF and Wireless Design Technologies

  • Bluetooth®, BLE
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
  • 802.15.4, ZigBee™
  • Embedded Cellular and GSM Modems
  • Iridium Worldwide Satellite Transceivers
  • RFID Readers and Tags
  • Embedded GPS Receivers and Antennas
Affordable RF Circuit Design & Production

Your RF circuit design is of little value until it can be produced in volume at an acceptable cost. We are experienced in working with manufacturers to develop wireless products that can be economically built and tested to a high degree of confidence needed for your product. We will work with your manufacturer during the early runs to get successful products built. We also design and fabricate factory test stands and develop their software.

Going hand-in-hand with RF design is solving problems with unwanted RF emissions and susceptibility. From the start of your project, your electrical circuit design will be done with an eye towards successful compliance testing. We are familiar with FCC, Military and European compliance standards. We have good working relationships with qualified test labs and we’ll apply our experience to make your design compliant. We will assist with the needed certifications for your product.

Whether your product requires a standards-based wireless feature, such as ZigBee™, or a completely custom, optimized wireless protocol, Indesign can take your ideas into reality.