Indesign, LLC has significant expertise in the field of signal processing, from digital audio products to video and multimedia products; Indesign’s experienced engineers will develop the optimal design to fit your needs. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

Indesign has experience designing various types of products that involve signal processing. Some of our digital audio products include portable audio players, Full Duplex speakerphones, Bluetooth/USB headsets, and CD-quality wireless speakers, while our video/multimedia products include video conferencing, digital imaging devices, videophones, media servers, and much more. We have experience with a variety of audio coders as well as noise reduction and audio enhancements (automatic level control, noise guards, etc.) to improve your audio product’s performance.

Indesign’s experienced electrical engineers will help you select the right parts for your product. From microphones, cameras, and speakers to Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and video displays, we will provide the level of design input you need, from interfacing to your already selected components, guiding you in their selection, to making the selection based on your input. We also have experience with a vast number of DSPs, multimedia processors, and CODECs in the application of audio and video.

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Audio and Video Interface Design