Indesign, LLC offers a wide range of equipment and medical device testing services in order to ensure the quality of your product. Our testing services verify that your product meets your requirements and will perform in the environment(s) specified. We tailor our product testing services to your equipment and/or medical devices to ensure that all dimensions of performance and durability are analyzed. Our product testing services include the development of test plans, software unit and integration testing, system testing, and test tool development. Our testing expertise is based on a variety of product categories including communications, medical, military, and consumer electronics.

We have an on-site RF screen room and other specialized equipment that allow us to provide EMC, ESD, and environmental testing. We provide UL and FCC pre-screening for your product in order to eliminate any surprises prior to compliance or regulatory testing. When your product design is ready, we can coordinate all of the necessary compliance testing. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

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Electronic Product Systems Testing

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a method of testing the functionality of a complete system or product. The term “black box” is used to indicate that the system’s internal structure is not exposed to the tester.

Indesign’s test engineer will create test cases based on the specifications and requirements for your product. The test engineer determines valid and invalid inputs, as well as their respective outputs, for each test case. Testing is then executed using these test cases to verify the expected functionality of the product.

White Box Testing/SUIT

White box testing is a method of testing the functionality of the internal structure of a system. This functionality is normally not exposed to a user. White box testing is used to test the individual software units or modules and the integration of the units within a system or sub-system. For example, temperature conversion algorithm code may be tested independent of the complete product.

Indesign’s test team defines input parameters in order to test all paths within the module and verify that the expected outputs from the module are correct. Indesign determines the level of white box testing based on the software design and complexity of your product.


Indesign uses LabVIEW for collecting data during testing in order to verify specific performance features of a product or system. Product specific LabVIEW applications are created as needed to supplement Indesign’s existing LabVIEW test suite.

Indesign test engineers can apply our existing test suite of LabVIEW applications, or we can create product specific LabVIEW application to fully test your product.

Indesign also uses LabVIEW for developing tools used in manufacturing products.