Indesign, LLC is a proven industry leader in design and development of medical electronic device products such as health aids, handheld medical diagnostic equipment, and laboratory analyzers. Our goal is to help you make the right choice of technology to make your medical products more reliable, higher quality and more cost effective.

Reasons to choose Indesign as your medical device design and development partner:

  • Extensive background in medical device design
  • Strong focus on a proven, comprehensive device development process
  • Proven experience with verification testing and FDA design documentation requirementsConsumer medical devices
  • History of internal investment in technologies with applications in medical device products
  • Design experience across multiple market segments that enables us to approach product design from a unique point of view

Our medical electronic device design and development experience extends across the entire product development cycle. We can help you go from product concept all the way to production. Our engineering team can provide all the skills needed for a complete turnkey development. We can also assist you with the specific skills you need to support your own development team. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

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Medical Device Product Design and Development