Indesign, LLC supports product development in a wide variety of different market segments. Some of the typical products that we have developed are those for the Consumer, Medical, Computer, Military, Industrial, Communications, and Transportation markets.

Different markets require different types of product engineering expertise, and our engineering team has a wide spectrum of expertise for these varied markets. This ranges from the design of low cost, high volume Consumer and Communications products to the design of very high reliability products for the Medical and Military markets.

Our product development expertise in these varied markets will allow us to help you meet your design needs and bring you value during the design phase of your project. Regardless of market segment, our clients have found our knowledge of leading edge, new technologies to be a good fit for what they need in product development.

A short conversation with us about your product development needs and market segment will clarify how Indesign can help you achieve your project goals. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

If you don’t see the right category for your project in our markets list, it is very likely that we can still meet your needs. Our broad engineering experience and expertise allow us to bring value to many areas outside the major markets we serve. In fact, many companies outside of these markets have found our knowledge of leading edge technologies to be exactly what they need. You may find this to be true as well. Please contact a member of our Business Development team to discuss your needs.

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