Indesign, LLC has a thorough understanding of GPS product design and offers GPS development engineering solutions. Our GPS product design team can integrate GPS functionality into your product. Our firmware engineers have developed embedded firmware that parses the NMEA 0183 Communications Interface Message Stream and also have development experience with the proprietary communications interfaces used by a variety of GPS module manufacturers.

Our RF design engineers have experience integrating GPS into product architectures and have employed GPS and wireless connectivity solutions within the same design. They also have experience with optimizing the GPS-module/antenna interface. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

We can provide the following GPS product design and GPS development engineering solutions:

  • Asset tracking devices
  • Vehicle tracking devices
  • Person tracking devices
  • Manufacturing Test Stands to ensure proper GPS performance during the production cycle

If your engineering solution requires acquiring location information via the GPS satellite network, we can provide the answer. Working together, our software and RF design engineers can provide the solution you need.

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GPS Product Design & Development