Indesign’s PC software design engineers utilize a five-phase development process of Requirements, Architecture/Design, Implementation, Verification, and Deployment. We place a strong emphasis on Object-Oriented methods to ensure that we provide high quality, robust, easy-to-upgrade PC software to meet your needs.

Our typical PC software design projects include developing:

  • Custom manufacturing test equipment
  • Diagnostic test applications
  • Companion software for the end-user

Our custom manufacturing test equipment, a combination of hardware and software, utilizes the capabilities of LabView™ to fully exercise your target device on the factory floor. Our diagnostic test applications allow us to exercise and prove in the operation of your embedded system during the design and testing phases.

Our companion software allows your embedded device to reach its full potential with your end-user. Your end-user can communicate with your device from their PC over , WiFi, ZigBee, Ethernet, USB, Serial, or a custom protocol. Once connected our software provides your users with firmware upgrade, data synchronization, and device configuration capabilities.

To support our PC software design projects, we have an in-house library of proven software components to help reduce development time and cost, and increase the quality of your product.

Our PC Software Design experience and capabilities include developing code in LabView, C++, Java, Visual Basic, .NET (VB, C#), Qt and Python. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

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