Indesign’s electrical engineers have extensive experience working with microcontroller/DSP based designs and have created hundreds of products based on these devices. We’ve used a wide variety of microcontrollers; ranging from simple 8-bit all-in-one microcontrollers to powerful 32-bit multicore microcontrollers with attached DDR memory buses. We understand that one of the key decisions in any design process is the selection of the proper microprocessor for the job. Indesign has worked with microcontrollers and DSPs from all of the major vendors and many from lesser known vendors as well. As a third party developer for several chip vendors, Indesign is able to select parts to fit a given application the best. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

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Microcrontroller Programming

Power Supply Design

Power supply design in particular is an element of designing with microcontrollers that is sometimes overlooked. It is particularly crucial when dealing with today’s high-speed and power hungry devices. Poor power supply design can quickly lead to an unreliable product and additional effort in rework down the line. Indesign engineers know the potential problems and pay special attention to power supply design to make sure there are no issues.

High Speed Memory Interfaces

High-Speed Memory Interfaces

As part of designing with microcontrollers one must also have proficiency working with the wide array of external interfaces provided by these devices. The majority of mid to high end microcontrollers now require external memory to function. Effective implementation of external parallel memory buses which interface with DDR RAM, SDRAM, NOR and NAND flash is critical for success.


High-Speed Serial Interfaces

High-speed serial interfaces like USB and Ethernet are commonplace on modern microcontrollers. These interfaces are crucial for inter-device communication. Our engineers have comprehensive experience with high-speed design and ensuring the best possible signal integrity between your device and the outside world.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Test Compliance

Even from the very first schematic and layout Indesign’s engineers will pay close attention to their design choices and the impact they may have on EMI test compliance. These compliance tests (FCC, CE, CSA) are required to sell electronics products throughout the world. By taking these concerns into consideration early the path to overall product compliance can be greatly reduced.