Indesign, LLC’s extensive software experience with different microcontrollers, distinct system requirements, and custom product implementations has led to the development of our own Embedded Simple Framework as an operating system. Indesign’s Embedded Simple Framework (Embedded SF) provides a project template for embedded devices that do not require a full Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

Many embedded devices look and act differently but their internal structures are very similar. As a result, our Embedded SF framework divides system software into three layers of code. High level feature code drives the user interface and other state control logic. Middle layer task software handles communications between layers and implements algorithms basic to system operation. Low level driver code directly controls hardware interfaces of the device.

Indesign’s Embedded SF provides a framework for product software which enables efficient, rapid, and reliable software development. It provides structure to the software, ensuring that code is designed using a layered approach. The common architecture provided by our Embedded SF encourages re-use of common components, allowing the developer to quickly install new features, tasks or drivers.

Indesign’s Embedded SF includes modular, scalable components that can be included in more complex systems. Load leveling and message queues are examples of selectable options. We often use Embedded SF with 8-bit devices, and as a result our Embedded SF boasts a very small memory and resource footprint. The full capability of Indesign’s Embedded SF is powerful enough that it can be used on 32-bit cores with TCP/IP stacks and high end graphical displays. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

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