Many of the products developed by Indesign, LLC include a Digital Signal Processor (DSP). For fast and efficient processing of audio, video and other math intensive signal processing a DSP is the best device for the application.

Indesign has experience designing a variety of communication products which include audio processing DSP Software. Indesign has implemented echo cancellation, voice recognition, speech synthesis, EQ filtering, AGC and audio algorithms such as MP3 and WMA on several DSP platforms. As powerful graphical displays have become commonplace, the need for video processing has increased. We have implemented MPEG4 players and other video applications using DSPs.

Indesign’s use of DSP Software extends beyond audio and video processing. Many devices that process high speed data require digital filtering of the data. Our DSP Software has been used for analyzing sampled data and for controlling high-speed systems such as motor control. We can model system operations using MATLAB® and implement the algorithms using time domain and/or frequency domain logic.

Indesign’s expertise in DSP Software includes code development in C and assembly languages, integrating 3rd party algorithms, and development with fixed and floating point processors. Whether the DSP is used as a co-processor to a microcontroller or as a stand-alone device, Indesign’s extensive experience with providing production-ready DSP Software ensures that your product will meet its data processing requirements. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

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