Our team of electrical engineers, PCB designers, and technicians has wide experience in designing circuits for electronic products. Indesign has an extensive set of tools and equipment, and over 20 years of experience to support our development activities. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

We have a proven product development process that enables us to develop electrical hardware while paying particular attention to budget and schedule. When needed, we work closely with our client to understand their needs, often times assisting them with their product requirements and specifications before proceeding with a design. When needed, our team puts in place objective electrical requirements before proceeding with a design to make sure the final product will have the technical performance our clients expect.

Electrical design process:

  • Architecture
  • Schematic
  • Circuit simulation
  • PCB layout
  • PCB assembly
  • PCB testing
  • Production support

Electrical design specialties include:

  • Microcontroller/DSP-based
  • Field-programmable gate array (FPGA)
  • Wireless
  • Antenna
  • Custom analog
  • Low power/battery power

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Electrical Design Specialties

Our team has experience in analog circuit design, digital circuit design, and RF circuit design.

Electrical Design in Indianapolis

Our electrical design team has particular expertise in embedded processing and connectivity. Most products we design have a microcontroller, SoC, FPGA or some other type of programmable device. Typically the products we develop also utilize some form of wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular modem or a custom proprietary RF protocol. The IoT is of particular emphasis to us. We have developed numerous products that are connected to the cloud and have extensive experience in baseband processing, sensor technologies and wireless connectivity solutions to enable great products for our clients.

Indesign electrical engineers maintain a close relationship with a number of leading edge silicon companies. We stay informed and have the latest training and knowledge of electronics solutions that can meet the demanding needs of our clients. Our partnership with these providers enable us to get samples, development kits, and other tools needed to help us efficiently do our jobs. Most importantly we have access to factory technical support, which is often times needed for some of these very complex devices.