Product Development

Indesign has been helping clients design and develop embedded electronic products for over 20 years. Our dedicated engineering team works together in our 30,000 sq ft facility in Indianapolis, IN. We support clients from all over North America, creating high tech products in a variety of industries from consumer to industrial to military. Supporting more than 75 design projects per year has enabled our engineers to embed the latest technologies in our client’s newest products.

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Stage 1
Call Us

This is an initial discussion to share our skills and capabilities and understand your product needs. If needed, we will enter into a non-disclosure agreement to facilitate the exchange of more details about the product requirements.

Stage 2
Discuss the details

The purpose of this more detailed discussion is for us to get an in depth understanding of your product needs and for you to get a firm understanding of our technical capabilities in the specific areas needed for your project. Typically, this discussion will involve appropriate members of your team, Indesign Business Development Manager, engineers, and Project Manager.

Stage 3
Create a proposal

Based on the information we have received, we will create a detailed project proposal or Statement of Work (SOW) for your embedded electronic product. This Statement of Work will define project scope, activities, deliverables, schedule, costs, and proposed business terms. We will work closely with you to create and refine a Statement of Work that will satisfy your needs.

Stage 4
Project kickoff

Once we have a signed Statement of Work, Indesign will then assemble the engineering team and resources needed to start the project. A project begins with a kickoff meeting with members of your team and members of the Indesign Project Team.