Electronics can generate large amounts of unwanted heat when placed inside mechanical enclosures. If this heat is not properly removed from the enclosure, overheating of circuit components can occur, or external surface temperatures can exceed desired limits. For these situations the excessive heat generated has to be removed from the enclosure with some form of specified heat transfer.

Indesign, LLC engineers use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to perform thermal analysis and heat transfer simulations during the design of an electronic product. This simulation allows the mechanical engineer to determine the amount of cooling required, as well as the best methods to provide this cooling. The thermal analysis typically involves simulation of conduction, convection, and radiation forms of heat transfer.

The thermal analysis can be completed with CAD data which allows engineers to develop a cooling strategy before any prototypes are made. The use of thermal analysis allows Indesign to shorten its development schedule and lower the development cost. Give us a call today at (877) 561-0274 or contact us online.

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