Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary at the Indiana IoT Lab

March 28, 2019 | Blog
Indesign has been a member of Indiana’s IoT (Internet of Things) Lab in Fishers, IN for one year. The IoT lab is a 24,000 square foot workspace dedicated to supporting collaboration and innovation for the Internet of Things. As a member, Indesign has a dedicated workspace that provides an additional location for the Indesign product development team to work alongside other Indiana IoT member companies. (more…)
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Indesign & DeveloperTown Mind Meld: IoT

January 8, 2019 | Blog
Indesign and DeveloperTown hosted an event focused on IoT technologies at DeveloperTown. Our presentation focused on IoT applications and connectivity, while DeveloperTown continued the discussion with a focus on data communication, security, and updating. (more…)
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LoRa® – Long Range Connection for IoT

December 18, 2018 | Blog
Our clients want to connect to the internet and there are many ways to get there. If your application needs a low cost and short range solution with small amounts of data and the ability to connect to a phone, Bluetooth or BLE might be the right fit. If you have an application that doesn’t have the luxury of connecting via a cell phone and needs to connect directly to the cloud (Internet) and you can support a monthly fee, a cellular connection can be considered for integration into your application. (more…)
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