Indesign, LLC can develop custom enclosures to meet the needs of your product application. Our mechanical design team has wide expertise in developing enclosures for electronic products as well as for electromechanical products. We will develop the industrial design of the enclosure, create the detailed mechanical design, build rapid prototypes, create design documentation, and support the factory for production tooling of the enclosure. Contact us online or call us today at (877) 561-0274.

All of the product requirements are considered for the enclosure design. The enclosure can be designed to meet the specific needs of any market, whether the product is targeted for an industrial, medical, consumer, or military market.

Although Indesign specializes in the design of custom enclosures, we can also source off-the-shelf enclosures and make the modifications needed for a specific product application. Using an off-the-shelf enclosure can be a good choice for a product with low production quantities.

Some key considerations for our enclosure design include:

  • Styling / appearance
  • Material selection and finishes
  • Barrier for ESD and EMC immunity
  • Thermal cooling for internal components
  • Ruggedness for drop shock
  • Environmental stress
  • Safety compliance
  • Tooling simplification
  • Ease of assembly
  • Low product cost

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Custom Enclosures Design