A key member of our welcoming committee for new hires is Elvis, “The King” himself. Whether it’s the framed picture of Elvis or the larger, cardboard cut-out, one of the two is typically placed at the desk of each new hire to help set them at ease and say aloha.

Hawaiian-Themed Day at Indesign

A Tradition is Born

Jerry Ferriell of Indesign with Elvis

Indesign Project Manager and co-founder, Jerry Ferriell, says the goal of Elvis is simply to bring a smile and some joy to our newest teammates. The idea was sparked when that is exactly what Elvis brought to Jerry. Elvis first entered the scene before Indesign’s start, when Jerry worked at AT&T’s Bell Labs with several of Indesign’s founders. One specific day, a colleague kept passing by Jerry’s desk suspiciously until it was discovered that this colleague had snuck Elvis into one of Jerry’s picture frames. Thanks to shared laughter that day, Elvis would go with Jerry to Indesign and is yet to leave the building (see what I did there?).

A Fun & Warm Welcome

Indesign's Elvis Picture for New Hires

Actively recruiting new teammates and welcoming new faces is now an engrained part of Indesign’s annual rhythm, but Jerry recalls the early days when hiring was a novel landmark. When the vision of being able to hire more teammates became a reality, it was a big deal. Jerry knew he wanted to infuse some fun into the very first onboardings, and Elvis fit the bill. A surprise visit by Elvis had brought him joy; maybe he would do the same for others.

“The King” Lives On

Indesign Team Members with Elvis Painting

Welcoming our new employees continues to be exciting today, and we always look forward to rolling out the red carpet and Elvis’s for our new hires and our summer interns. Last year when we had a Hawaiian-themed day in the office, one intern suggested Elvis join us for a picture. That’s when Elvis gained a lovely collection of leis. Elvis was even part of a retirement celebration last year. Through the years, hopefully, Elvis has set several people at ease and brought an extra smile to their day. Maybe they were okay with saying goodbye to Elvis when it was time to move Elvis to the next new hire’s desk, and that’s okay too! But they can all say they were welcomed at their new job by Elvis, and that’s a rare, shared experience. Elvis is symbolic of the fun that is welcome here at Indesign and that each person’s joy and well-being are highly valued.

The Fun-Loving Engineers You Need

At Indesign, LLC, we believe our fun-loving nature is what makes our team so easy to work with! We provide specific design engineering services and expertise in electrical design, RF/wireless design, embedded software design, and mechanical design. In 2023, we were ranked one of the top places to work in Indiana! If you’re interested working with our team, contact us at (317) 377-5450 today!