Early this morning, my office was a picnic shelter at Fort Harrison State Park. I booted up my work computer as I waited for some deliveries for our summer picnic. I admit, it was refreshing to see rolling hills and green landscape over the top of my laptop, and the view must have sparked some more reflective thoughts than normal.

Indesign's Annual Picnic 2023

I marveled at how yet again Indesign would have perfect weather for their annual summer picnic. The harsh heat that was here last week moved through, and today we had sunshine with a slight breeze. I’d be able to pull out the usual joke about how my order for perfect weather came in again. With perfect weather three years in a row, do we even try for an outdoor picnic again next year? It feels risky.

Company Culture Coming Through

While there was a green landscape in front of my computer, behind me was a bare lackluster group of picnic tables. There were not yet any decorations, games, food, or dessert. I looked at my watch. I had 65 minutes to go before 75 Indesigners would arrive ready for a festive gathering. So far, I could offer them a breeze and a seat.

The Team at Indesign

The thing is you can tell a lot about a company’s culture in times like this. As the clock ticked away, I didn’t worry for a second about how our picnic would turn out. I knew my planning team was coming in a few minutes, and I know Indesigners are reliable. Whether at play or at work, they are loyal and trustworthy. Also, it’s not too far of a stretch to say that most of them would be just fine with a seat and a breeze! I smiled at the thought of everyone coming in, having a seat, and thanking me for the chance to get out.

A Festive Gathering

As expected, everything came together, and everyone was greeted with more than just the breeze and a seat. We had a great time with games, food, water balloons, new hats, and of course that sunshine that I ordered.

Indesign Company Picnic 2023

Our summer picnics mark the end of another great summer with our interns and the celebration of some new team members. It’s a mixture of tradition for some and brand-new experiences for others. No two picnics ever quite feel the same! But they are always a good time, with a great group.

The Right Team For You

At Indesign, LLC, we believe we do our best when our team is cared for and our annual summer picnic is one of the ways we do just that! We provide specific design engineering services and expertise in electrical design, RF/wireless design, embedded software design, and mechanical design. In 2023, we were ranked one of the top places to work in Indiana! If you’re interested becoming a part of our team, contact us at (317) 377-5450 or view our career opportunities today!