Indianapolis-based engineering firm, Indesign, LLC, will join numerous industry leaders at the second annual Freescale™ Technology Forum in Orlando, FL on July 24-27. Indesign will set the stage at their pedestal in the technology lab with a demo of a ColdFire®-based Point-of-Sale Reference Design and a demo of their ZigBee™ Reference Design. The Freescale™ Technology Forum (FTF) is quickly becoming the embedded semiconductor industry’s foremost developer conference. In its second year, the forum will bring together engineers, partners, executives, journalists, and analysts for a week of networking, training, and exploration into the possibilities of design freedom. FTF will offer unique insight on new solutions with live, hands-on demonstrations from both established industry leaders and up-and-coming talent. In a session that focuses on designing with the ColdFire processor, Indesign will partner with Freescale™ Semiconductor to provide insight into secure connectivity applications. Forum participants can learn about the open source and design development strategies used to create this secure application. The Point-of-Sale Reference Design, which is based on the uClinux™ operating system and uses the NanoX Open Source graphical user interface (GUI) configuration tool, will be featured during the presentation. Additionally, Indesign will offer a ZigBee™ demonstration based on Freescale™ Semiconductor’s MC9S08GB60 microcontroller and 13193 transceiver, which will highlight the benefits of developing custom wireless products using 802.15.4/ZigBee™ building blocks. The reference design will showcase Indesign’s ZigBee™ hardware/software design capabilities. FTF attendees can view the ZigBee™ reference design first-hand by visiting Indesign in the Technology Lab. To learn more about the history and accomplishments of Indesign, visit their website at To register for FTF 2006, visit