Building on its key engineering services to hundreds of companies worldwide, Indesign announced that Texas Instruments (TI) has outsourced all application support for two of its USB audio streaming controllers to Indesign, including supporting evaluation modules (EVM) and technical inquires. Indesign has been providing both hardware and software engineering design services for these products for several years. “We chose Indesign because of their strong expertise and technical support knowledge,” says Jeff Akgul, director of Home Audio Products at TI. “We’ve had a good relationship with Indesign over the years and are excited about making more support available to our customers.” TI’s TUSB3200A and TAS1020B, which will be supported by Indesign, are USB audio streaming controllers. The TUSB3200A converts multi-channel streaming audio (5.1, 6.1, 7.1, and stereo) from USB signaling to a standard audio codec stream. It is targeted for USB audio designs, such as audio/video receivers, PC sound cards, and music interfaces. The TAS1020B integrated circuit is also a USB peripheral interface that supports streaming stereo audio data for applications such as USB headsets, VoIP phones, and speech and telephony communication devices. Both the TUSB3200A and TAS1020B support 16 or 24 bit resolution audio streams and are completely programmable, allowing customization for a wide range of product possibilities. These devices have been designed into hundreds of USB audio products. “Leveraging our vast experience with USB-based designs, we are able to easily extend our support to TI’s USB audio products, providing manufacturers with the expertise needed for every phase of the development cycle,” says Jerry Gotway, President and CEO at Indesign. “We’ve been involved in a large number of product designs, many of them which utilized USB capabilities, and have helped OEMs reduce both cost and time-to-market from developing starting specs through testing to final manufacturing.” Indesign will provide initial free support for the TAS1020B and TUSB3200A, then offer a variety of service options, from hourly support and service contracts to full design services.