Indesign, LLC, a nationally recognized engineering design firm specializing in electronic product development, has expanded its design capability for embedded system products requiring Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Indesign engineers have recently completed many different product developments incorporating technologies supporting IoT. The convergence of many technologies such as embedded processors, wireless communications (Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular) and sensors / sensor networks; along with the Internet and web services have enabled the Internet of Things. IoT allows for objects to be remotely monitored and controlled across private and public networks, such as the cell phone network. With the rapid advancement of many of the underlying technologies, IoT can be implemented very efficiently. Indesign engineers have implemented IoT capabilities into many products for the medical / personal health, industrial, consumer electronics and other markets. CEO of Indesign, Jerry Gotway commented, “The possibilities of IoT are really limitless. It’s very exciting to be working on products that utilize IoT. Many of our clients have introduced or will be coming out with products that enhance the lives of the people using them. Other products will enable features and functions that, without IoT, just wouldn’t be possible.” Indesign’s engineering team has created hardware and firmware that support the underlying technologies used to implement IoT functions. Indesign has designed and incorporated Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular radios into numerous products. Indesign engineers have worked with many of the Internet communication and security protocols that IoT requires. Indesign can provide a full-turnkey product development solution, resulting in a design that is ready for production.