Indesign, LLC, a nationally recognized engineering design firm specializing in electronic product development, has expanded its design capability for embedded system products utilizing Android operating systems. Indesign engineers have recently completed several new product developments which included extensive Android embedded software design. The Android operating system is becoming a preferred OS for many different types of products. The extensive presence in the marketplace of smartphones, tablets and feature-rich touchscreen devices has created a desire to include similar types of user interfaces in other products. Products with Android operating systems are now being used in a wide variety of markets, such as medical, industrial, transportation, consumer electronics, etc. CEO of Indesign, Jerry Gotway commented, “Users have gotten so accustomed to the smartphone and tablet paradigm that many of our clients are asking us to create a similar look and feel for their products. In order to best meet the needs of our clients we’ve chosen to expand our Android design capability. The use of Android enables a quicker and more reliable path to developing products with superior user interfaces.” Indesign’s engineering team has created hardware and board support package designs that are ready for Android application code development. Indesign has designed peripherals that can be connected to Android based smartphones and tablets. Indesign can also provide a full-turnkey solution, including the Android application software that is ready for production.