Sitting on the desk of most Indesigners is a squishy little tire. It may seem an odd shape for a stress ball, but it’s more than just something to fidget with while deep in thought. It’s there to act as a constant reminder of Indesign’s core values, set out helpfully with the four letters in the word T.I.R.E. Below, we’ll go through a brief outline of how each of those values supports Indesign’s particular strengths through the product development process.

Product Development Company

T for Teamwork

At Indesign, we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach. We have embedded software design, electrical design, RF wireless design, mechanical design, systems engineering, and test engineers all under one roof along with our robust PCB prototyping lab, but it goes much further than that. With a deep well of experience among our staff and a focus on collecting and sharing every little lesson learned, each new project at Indesign builds upon a proven foundation instead of starting from scratch. Though a project team may consist of just a subset of our staff, the full strength of the Indesign team is never more than a quick instant message, email, or water cooler chat away.

I for Integrity

Through smooth sailing or the unexpected challenges of the product development process, you can expect the engineering team at Indesign to be straightforward and consistent in their approach to getting you a finished product. There are often surprises in the product development process. Sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned, and you just can’t avoid a stray white wire or bug patch. But whether challenges are being worked through or everything’s working perfectly, we strive to have each step of our process supported by a strong backbone of integrity.

R for Respect

Part of what makes any development process successful is a sense of internal cohesion between all the stakeholders. You’re not going to get very far with cracks creeping through the team. That’s why we place respect so front and center. Sure, there will always be disagreements both big and small along the way, but keeping an eye on our common goals and the contributions of each team member helps bring about a well-rounded and robust solution.

E for Excellence

At the end of the day, the goal is to design a great product. Our value of excellence keeps us focused on that goal. With every decision, we ask ourselves what we can do to maximize the functionality of our design, aiming to meet and even exceed all client specifications. We won’t take shortcuts, and we will sweat the details through the entire process of getting to the best end result possible.

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