First Full Time Job at Indesign: Two Years Later

January 28, 2022 | Blog
Is there anyone in the world who has ever been able to predict where they will be in a year or two? I’m certainly not one of those people, and I am completely okay with that. From a pandemic affecting everyone on a macro-level, to the micro-scale personal growth, I know I’ve changed, and I’ve changed for the better (bonus points if you get that reference). (more…)
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First Full Time Job: Working at Indesign, LLC

November 27, 2019 | Blog
Coming right out of college after only previously working three-month long internships and work-studies, starting a full-time job was both exciting and intimidating. I prepared myself to drive to my new job – though I had come and toured the building before for the onsite interview, now was the real thing. (more…)
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