Is there anyone in the world who has ever been able to predict where they will be in a year or two? I’m certainly not one of those people, and I am completely okay with that. From a pandemic affecting everyone on a macro-level, to the micro-scale personal growth, I know I’ve changed, and I’ve changed for the better (bonus points if you get that reference).

Indesign Company Culture

My daily schedule has changed a bit since working from home due to the pandemic. I still work from my laptop with a dual-monitor setup, and I have my trusty headphones for listening to music during work. Indesign, LLC has been very accommodating for Indesigners moving their workspaces home. I now have a standing desk and a bouncy ball chair to help with long hours of concentrated firmware developing and debugging. But I’ve missed not seeing all my colleagues on the daily when just filling up my water (which is also a now much shorter commute to the office-adjacent kitchen in my home). Instead, Teams and Webex have become an integral part of projects to Interface with one another.

Even while working remotely, the people are still the focus of Indesign. Throughout the ordeal of the last couple years, we’ve continued to have online gatherings to spend time together, such as morning coffee meet-ups, trivia nights, and Indesign anniversary parties. And through our internal chatting app, we have a variety of groups for actively talking about hobbies: gardening, board games, video games, parenting, and so many others. I’ve gotten to play a big part in all of this as part of Indesign’s official “Fun Team”, which has been more important than ever! I originally joined the Indesign Fun Team due to my love of celebrating Chinese New Year. Just before the “fun” of 2019 began, I proposed the idea of celebrating Chinese New Year, which began a new tradition at Indesign. From sampling foods to sharing stories and traditions of this New Year celebration, it’s been a blast starting a new experience at Indesign for everyone to enjoy.

Besides the fun non-technical activities at Indesign, the development and growth of my career has been the most rewarding part of the job. In my first blog article when I started at Indesign, I mentioned there was a lot I was learning, and I’m glad I have been able to continue learning so much more since then. In addition to learning a language to help with communicating with vendors, I’ve been learning a lot about app development for both PC and smartphones, from design to implementation, and even some methods for system testing. I am not an artistic person, so designing some basic UI layouts has been a new but intriguing experience. I also got to apply my own school experience by making an app and designing a database. At Rose-Hulman, I took a databases class that taught the basics of how it works, relations between different types of data that can be stored, and best practices for designing a database. To see it come to life in the real world (and also designing it to be easily updated/maintained later) has been a memorable and rewarding challenge.

Expand Your Horizon With Indesign

I’ve been involved in a lot of different things at Indesign now, from the firmware and software development, to helping host fun activities, recruiting students for Indesign, and even writing these blogs. I’ve not only been growing in the technology-focused aspect, but socially, and that has made me appreciate Indesign even more for the blessing of working here. Now I must return to my duties of development and gathering the Lunar New Year décor to decorate the break room. To learn more about Indesign & our many services including electrical design, systems engineering, mechanical design and engineering, and much more, please contact us at (317) 377-5450!