On April 21, 2016, a Milwaukee startup company – ONKÖL – took top honors at the 2016 Edison Awards. ONKÖL won the 2016 Edison Gold Award™ in Health and Wellness – Safety & Health Monitoring. The company received the award for its innovative ONKÖL hub. The award was given at the black-tie Edison Awards Gala held at the historic Capitale ballroom in New York City. Indesign, LLC, an Indianapolis engineering design company, developed the electrical hardware and the embedded software for the ONKÖL hub. The ONKÖL hub allows family members to stay connected with elderly loved ones by remotely monitoring activity from the loved ones’ health care devices. The ONKÖL hub receives information from a variety of wireless and wired health care devices (including blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, blood pressure meters, emergency alert pendants, and smoke detectors), and the hub provides this information to the family members via a cellular communication link. Indesign is proud to have been selected by ONKÖL for the electronics development of their hub, and Indesign is excited to congratulate ONKÖL on their Edison Gold Award™. About the Edison Awards The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design, and innovation. Named for famed innovator Thomas Alva Edison, who achieved vast notoriety with 1,093 U.S. patents – the program annually honors the best in innovations and innovators. The Edison Award is one of the most prestigious accolades a company can receive for innovation and business success. The nominees for the Edison Awards were judged by a panel of over 3,000 business executives, including past award winners, academics, and leaders in the fields of design, engineering, science, and medicine. For more information about the Edison Awards, Edison Universe and a list of past winners, visit www.edisonawards.com. About ONKÖL ONKÖL is a company whose mission is to enable the newest Internet of Things (IoT) innovations to work for the benefit of the elderly and those who care about them. Its flagship product is the ONKÖL hub: a beautiful device that simultaneously links a wide variety of third-party home and health monitoring sensors directly to family members, professionals, and data platforms. For more information about ONKÖL, visit www.onkol.net.