How to Design IoT Sensors/Edge Devices with Long Battery Life…or No Batteries, Using Energy Harvesting

Hosts: e-peas and Indesign

When: Thursday, February 25, 2021 @ 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific)

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Introduction: High-level overview (5 minutes)

e-peas: 20-Minute Dive Into Energy Harvesting for IoT devices/sensors

  • Learn how to use Solar, Vibration, Thermal, or RF to extend battery life (or replacement of the battery).

Indesign: 20-Minutes on IoT services & capabilities

Q&A: 15 minutes

We revolutionize the IoT industry by offering the best performing ambient energy harvesting, processing, and sensing solutions that make the batteries of your wireless devices live forever.

Indesign offers complete design capabilities involving multiple engineering disciplines and an ISO certified quality management system. Our product development team is composed of experienced engineers from all disciplines needed for turn-key product development: electrical engineers, PCB designers, software engineers, mechanical engineers, human factors engineers, and test engineers.