RF & Wireless Design

RF design can be mysterious and exasperating to those that are unfamiliar with it or lack the experience developing products with wireless capabilities.

Our engineers have extensive experience developing wireless/RF circuits, antennas, and wireless software for a wide range of applications. Our engineering team has developed wireless products supporting industry-standard protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, cellular, and others.


Standards-based protocols will often meet the wireless requirements for your product. Sometimes, however, these protocols cannot achieve the desired performance. Our engineering team can help you determine whether a standards-based or custom RF protocol would be best for your application. If a custom RF protocol is needed, our team has the background and experience to design a solution that will best meet the requirements of your product.


Antenna Design

Your RF/wireless product will need an antenna. We can help you select an appropriate off-the-shelf antenna, or design a custom antenna if needed. Our experience includes designing embedded antennas, where the proximity of nearby metallic and dielectric objects needs to be accounted for. We have designed products employing antenna diversity, and also have experience with angle-of-arrival/angle-of-departure as well as time-of-arrival measurements across antenna arrays.


Indesign’s Wireless & RF Design Expertise

One critical aspect of RF design is solving problems dealing with unwanted RF emissions and susceptibility. We are familiar with FCC, Military, and European compliance standards. We will assist with the needed certifications for your product, and we will make sure your product can successfully pass compliance testing.

Our team at Indesign, LLC is experienced in working with manufacturers to develop wireless products that can be economically built and tested to the high degree of confidence needed for your product. We will work with your manufacturer during the early production runs to ensure that your manufactured product is reliable and high quality. Our team can also assist your manufacturer with any RF test systems that might be needed.

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