Indesign, LLC, a nationally recognized engineering design firm specializing in electronic product development, has announced an enhanced focus on embedded Linux development. Indesign has recently added several software engineers with strong embedded Linux backgrounds to augment its existing Linux design capabilities. These staff additions will allow Indesign to develop more products utilizing multimedia, satellite, VoIP, and wireless technologies with Linux based operating systems. Indesign has specialists who can create custom Linux drivers and low-level board support packages. Engineers are available to architect and implement a range of interfaces from headless to high-end graphical displays. Indesign maintains relationships with many major semiconductor companies, and can leverage these relationships to ensure product success. Indesign’s expertise and knowledge in designing Linux compatible hardware, building prototypes, utilizing existing open source software, and creating custom Linux applications allows companies to bring their products to market quickly, on-budget, and on-schedule. Indesign, dedicated to and the continued success of its clients, offers state of the art design and development through innovative concepts and design of comprehensive engineering design services for embedded electronic products and systems. These services include electrical circuit design, RF, software/firmware design, mechanical design, testing/validation services, project management and a host of other services dedicated to the development of electronic products and solutions.