The Indesign, LLC team gathered in February to celebrate and raise a toast to 26 years of engineering excellence. In a shimmering conference room, under a ceiling of draped balloons, we enjoyed lunch together, some games, many laughs, gifts, and a recap of the year.

Indesign's 26th Anniversary

So Much to Celebrate

Anniversaries at Indesign have always been a big deal. Even when held virtually, they have been a valuable time to pause, look at the previous year together, express our gratitude, have some fun, and then rally for another great year.

Indesign Team Members

Festivities begin the week before, paving the way to the culminating lunch event. Each work day beforehand has a different theme (i.e. flannel day, college day, etc.) and this year, employee spotlights were shared on our internal messaging platform. A daily group picture of those dressed to the theme along with the online interaction over the spotlights was a great lead-up to the main event.

A Day of Cheers

When the team arrived on the day of the celebration, they were greeted by balloons at each entrance and Indesign M&M’s on each desk. While work continued as normal around the celebratory lunch, the undercurrent of celebration was there throughout the day. Matching stocking caps on everyone’s seats at lunch was the icing on the cake.

Indesign Anniversary Celebration

26 Years of Engineering Excellence

For 26 years, Indesign, LLC has used our proven process for new product development to deliver your projects on schedule, with high product quality, and within your budget requirements. In addition to product development, we offer a wide variety of services including electrical design, software design, project management, and so much more! Contact our team today at (317) 377-5450 to learn more about our company, or our engineering and design services.

Cheers to 26 years, Indesign! And cheers to many more to come.