Indesign, LLC, an Indianapolis-based engineering design firm, celebrated its15th year in business today. Indesign has been developing high-tech products and systems for its clients in the electronics industry since 1997. After the formation of the company in November 1996, Indesign officially opened its doors to serve the electronics product industry on February 10, 1997. The company was originally established by a group of former AT&T/Bell Labs engineers who were experienced in the design of communication products. During the past 15 years Indesign has worked for more than 200 clients ranging from start-up companies to Fortune 100 companies. These companies represented a cross section of consumer, commercial, military, medical, and industrial products and applications. Indesign, LLC has consistently brought quality design and development engineering services to its long list of clients. Indesign is dedicated to its continued success by offering state of the art design and development to their clients through innovative concepts and design of comprehensive engineering design services for embedded electronic products and systems. These services include electrical circuit design, RF, software/firmware design, mechanical design, testing/validation services, project management and a host of other services dedicated to the development of electronic products and solutions. To learn more about the history and accomplishments of Indesign, visit their website at