USB Solutions Platform

Technologies: USB Solutions Platform

Indesign has a thorough understanding of USB 1.1 and 2.0 interface standards, requirements, features and protocols. We have developed a library of hardware and software components for application in USB products. All of the library components have been completely tested, thus reducing development times and improving design reliability.

Indesign has experience with a variety of IC manufacturers' products, allowing us to help you find the best hardware solution for your application. We have in-house PC based USB test tools for development and testing of HID, Audio, and Bulk class devices. In addition to USB devices, our design team also has experience with PC software for USB host applications.

Typical development applications for our USB Platform include:

  • USB high end audio devices
  • USB Bluetooth® Devices
  • USB Memory Devices
  • USB Bridges
  • USB to Ethernet Interfaces
  • USB game controllers
  • USB telephones

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