Clients: Testimonials

Below are some unsolicited comments from our clients regarding the work we have done for them!

"Thanks again for the very professional effort you all put forth on this project ... it was / is refreshing ..." VP of Engineering / Industrial Market

"Thanks for consistently making this a priority whenever we needed your assistance. It’s always a pleasure working with ... Indesign." VP Engineering / Industrial Market

"... please tell the team that we appreciate all their work and are extremely excited about the product! We couldn’t have done this without Indesign!" Director of Information Technology / Medical Market

"That's exactly what we were looking for. Indesign came through for us. I knew you would, which is why I contracted with you in the first place. Thanks for doing a really good job." Director of R&D / Consumer Electronics Market

"I would like to compliment you and your team on meeting your deliverable on such a short timescale! Your team's willingness to work through issues with our team members and remove roadblocks to success was admirable and appreciated." Program Manager / Transportation Market

"You have an amazing team and they have done excellent work. Please pass along my thanks to all of them." Vice President / Industrial Market

"...I want to thank you for doing such a great job. Your professionalism and commitment to a deadline is commendable. Thanks for being a part of our success." Lead Electrical Architect / Medical Device Market

"Thank you for the good wishes. We made a good decision a few years ago to do business with Indesign. Yours is a first-rate company. Best of luck in the future!" Electrical Design Manager / Industrial Market

"Just wanted to say that I continue to be impressed with your team. I appreciate their efforts and am glad we have you helping us on this endeavor. Thanks again," Vice President / Consumer Electronics Market

"As always you guys are the best! Thanks for your attention and teamwork!" Sr. Subcontracts Administrator / Military Market

"Indesign is a great partner for us!" Pre-Development Systems Engineering / Medical Device Market

"I'm glad I found Indesign at CES years ago, though - you've done a lot of great things with (our company)." Project Development and Training/Transportation Market

"Demo went exactly as planned. The impact was exactly what we hoped for. Thanks so much to Indesign for a job well done to crank out this demo hardware, based on not-very-good requirements and given a fast-as-possible schedule." Director of R&D / Consumer Electronics Market

"Thanks again to you and your team for helping make things go smoothly." Automotive/Transportation Market

"This is substantially better than our goal of 5%, so give yourself an 'Exceeds expectations.'" Senior Development Engineer / Industrial Market

We really do appreciate the excellent quality and timeliness of InDesign's work for us. Thank you all very much." Functional Project Lead / Medical Device Market

"...thanks to you and the Indesign team for a successful program." Senior Manager / Consumer Electronics Market

"The work you all performed is absolutely top notch." Technical Leader / Industrial Market

"We are excited to see the upcoming results. It has been fantastic working with you! Best wishes," Mechanical Lead / Consumer Electronics Market