System Architecture Design

Services: Systems Engineering: System Architecture Design

Based on initial requirements and other product concept information provided by the client, Indesign researches and proposes possible electrical, mechanical, and software architecture options for a device that can meet the requirements. In many cases, there will be multiple options that differ in performance, project risk, development cost, component cost, or manufacturing cost. Indesign can provide information to allow a client to select the best option to meet the client's needs.

Review of architecture options often leads to refinement of requirements at an implementation level. Evaluation of architectures supports detailed walkthroughs of use of the device, which can lead to items not previously considered.

The architectures can be developed to the level needed for product development. An industrial design partner may be engaged to generate concept drawings of the exterior appearance of the device, along with controls and displays for the user interface. A feature operation specification may be created to describe how the device will operate to confirm that the user interface supports the required functionality in a manner that is easy to use. Computer simulations or rapid prototypes can be created as appropriate to allow further evaluation and confirmation of the physical appearance and user interface.

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