Requirements Identification, Analysis, and Documentation

Services: Systems Engineering: Requirements Identification, Analysis, and Documentation

A clear understanding of how a device is expected to operate, the environment in which the device will be used, and other criteria for success are critical for Indesign to develop a product that meets the client's needs. Initial discussions with the client are focused on documenting "use cases" that indicate who will use the device and the features the device needs to provide. Thorough analysis of use cases to generate requirements early in the project can avoid surprises later in the project—although there almost always are minor refinements of requirements during development as concept drawings and prototypes are reviewed and stimulate new thoughts.

Indesign's goal is to document use cases and requirements at a level that meets client's needs and that supports efficient and effective product development. Indesign has templates and checklists to guide initial documentation of use cases and requirements in a manner that allows for review, refinement and updates to requirements during development. As appropriate, requirements can be entered in an on-line system that supports change control of requirements and traceability of product testing to ensure all requirements are covered.

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