Services: Electrical Design: FPGA/CPLD Design

Designs that require very flexible hardware may need the speed and versatility of programmable logic devices (PLD). These devices also provide data processing capabilities and parallelism that may not be found in an off-the-shelf microprocessor.

Our engineers have designed products using a wide variety of programmable logic devices ranging from basic CPLDs with a few hundred programmable logic blocks to exceptionally complex FPGAs with millions of programmable logic gates operating at extremely high speeds. Indesign has extensive experience in real world applications of programmable logic devices.

Below are a few examples of real world PLD applications that Indesign has developed.

  • VME data bus to DSP communication bridge
  • Analog video timing measurement and verification
  • Multichannel digital audio stream concatenation
  • MPEG2 transport stream manipulation
  • Digital RGB video data preprocessing and packetizing for USB streaming

Indesign developers are fully capable of designing both custom IP blocks unique to the particular application as well as integrating commercially licensed IP blocks from other vendors. Our engineers are comfortable working with all of the most popular hardware descriptive languages (HDL) including VHDL and Verilog. Based on the needs of individual clients, the PLD development process can include full timing analysis as well as test bench based simulation of the system to ensure the functionality of the design even before physical hardware is available. This allows for concurrent development of hardware and HDL firmware.

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