Analog Electrical Circuit Design

Services: Electrical Design: Analog

The design of most electronic systems requires the expertise of an engineer skilled in analog circuit design. All electronic products require some sort of power supply to function (ac wall socket power or battery power). Many electronic devices, such as medical products, require analog processing / conditioning of a signal before it can be interfaced to a microcontroller or DSP. Other products might have features such as audio or video functions. Indesign engineers have experience in all of these types of designs and more.

Here are just a few examples of analog circuits with which Indesign engineers have significant design experience:

  • Power supplies
  • Power conditioning
  • Battery charging
  • Filters and amplifiers
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Small signal precision analog
  • Data conversion (A/D and D/A)
  • Audio / video circuits
  • Motor control circuits
  • Signal conditioning

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